Thursday, October 18, 2018

The nightly todo list

Hours would go by watching Youtube videos, playing video games and glancing over social media pages. It's designed to be addicting. Millions of dollars are poured into research so users latch on. I was one. Before bed, I would constantly go into sleep hating myself for being unproductive. Desiring for a change going into the next morning, only to find myself repeating the dreadful cycle. Somehow the pattern finds a way to repeat.

For some it may last weeks, months and even years. It's healthy that I acknowledge this addiction. That's the first step. The next step, which is considered by most the hardest step is taking action. The uphill battle, you're constantly climbing. The top seems afar, some give up the first hour, some make it through the first day. Some use hiking poles, others using hiking boots.

Before planking on my bed, I would write down tasks I wanted to achieve the next day. This to-do list became my tool. The reason why writing it before bed was powerful was because the next day would be a fresh start. Now this is what I do everyday because it gives me a sense of accountability and accomplishment. Even if an interference were to come up last minute, I would stay true to the list because that's what I wanted to achieve the day before. I wouldn't let last minute events

Maybe this is an app idea where the app notifies you at night to set 5 to-do items you would like to achieve next day.

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